TIMES & BRACKETS available:
March 3rd 12pm
Round Robin / Double Elimination: 
Round Robin competitions are;
- a great pressure free environment because there is no elimination and each competitor gets to verse everyone in their bracket vs elimination competitions where the competitor is stiked out when they lose a match.
-  each match points are scored as well as the winner of the match, the person who wins the most matches wins Gold. If two competitors have won the same amount of matches the total amount of points are added up to see which competitor won the most points vs elimation where only the winner moves on. 
- gives more experience and more time on the mat which is very valuable for someone who is wanted to learn more about BJJ and develop their skills
- gives a competitor a second chance, because there are no elimations, a competitor who loses their first match can come back and still win the over all competition.

Children & Juvenile Divisions:
All care and precaution is taken to match competitors by weight, age and experience. In some circumstances, in order to give all children the opportunity to compete and practice their art, we may need to widen the age, weight and / or competitors level parametres. Should this be the case, parents will be consulted prior to locking in the brackets.

4 different medals & 4 podium spots:
We have decided to make our events a bit more special and rewarding than the casual sports event by adding a forth place spot on the podium with a forth place medal. The 12cm wide medals are Gold for 1st place, Silver for 2nd place, Bronze for 3rd place and Pewter (antique silver) for 4th place.

Byron Bay:
Location, location, location... Byron Bay has to be one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. It is also a very popular tourist destination with amazing beaches and surfing spots. Make sure you make the most out of it while you're here. Our venue Cavanbah Sports Centre is located 5 minutes drive from town centre and about 2 minutes drive from the beach.

Daniel 'Jacare' Almeida:
Guiding and overviewing our events is 3rd degree BJJ black belt Daniel ' Jacare' Almeida.
Daniel is a professional athlete who started his Jiu-Jitsu career in 1997 with Nova União team under Professor Andrea Pederneiras in Rio De Janeiro and in 2010 moved to America with Professor Bruno Bastos. He is NAGA world champion, 2 times Brazil champion, UFC Expo champion and Australian National champion amongst others. Daniel is also an experienced IBJJF certified BJJ referee and will be in charge of the refereeing at our events. 

Our events follow the IBJJF rules. All competitors are expected to be familar with these rules and the uniform requirements prior to registering for this tournament. 

Making weight:
All competitors please make sure to provide us with your accurate weight when registering to our events. If you're not sure, please enter a higher weight to be on the safe side.
Please note! Over-weight competitors will be penalised and have 1 win removed from their total bracket result.
Example: If the over-weight competitor wins two out of three matches in his/her bracket, only one of those wins will be considered for his total bracket points.
Please make sure you're on or below the weight you have provided to avoid penalties. 
(we use 100% accurate medical calibrated scales at our events.)

Our Partners:
FightLife: Retailers of the biggest veriaty of IBJJF approved uniforms and equipment as well as Mixed Martial Arts products and fashion in Australia, The guys will always have a stall at our events with a vast range of products.
Little Brazil: Authentic Brazilian BBQ, Acai Bowls and musch more, including vegan and vegetarian dishes! All on the menu throughout the day at our events
BRAUS Fight:
Bangalow Cafe:



Competitors need to weigh-in once only, even if competing in both Gi and No-Gi divisions. 
Weigh-ins can be done with or without Gi on.
Competitors weight will be matched to the No-Gi weight on their registration form with a Gi allowance of 2.3kg.
If you'd like to enter yourself or your child using the Early-Bird Rates, please insert current weight on the registration form. Two weeks prior to the event we will contact all Early-Birds applicants via email requesting weight update. If you have any questions, please contact us :)
Cavanbah Sports Centre
240 Ewingsdale Rd. Byron Bay.
NSW, 2481, Australia